Nick C. Wallington, NJ


I saw some serrano pepper cheese fries scrolling through Yelp. I wasn’t hungry but I NEEDED those cheese fries, and maybe a drink too. My friends and I walked over and were surprised at the layout. You order everything you want at the counter, take a number, find a table, and then the waiter brings your order.

I was pleasantly surprised that they had outdoor seating in the back. My friends had ordered quadruple lattes, and they were surprisingly cheap at $2 each. I had a glass of their tasty sangria to go with my cheese fries, which were good, but not as amazing (spicy) as I had hoped. Overall, the food and drinks weren’t amazing. But the menu is very large (100+ items) and everything on it is very cheap. The outdoor seating makes this an ideal spot to hang around on a Sunday afternoon.

Ashley S. Charlotte, NC


I would move to NYC just for 100 Montaditos! This place is uh-maz-ing! When you think NYC you typically think expensive, classy, over the top for a simple lunch out. Well think again!

First of all the interior of this restaurant is so inviting and warm. It’s pretty much a hole in the wall, but not at the same time if that makes sense. It’s very clean and decorated really well. It’s colorful, has tons of pictures all over the walls and is very spacious for a New York City restaurant. It has two parts. When you walk in you see the counter where you order and then if you go further back you’ll see the dining area. As you walk back to the dining area there is an open kitchen which was very cool.

Now the food! The menu is humongous and has tons of options for all taste buds. Of course the month the details are what they are famous for. They are small sandwiches that pretty much can have anything you want on them. They range from vegetarian, to Mediterranean, to regular old burgers, and of course Spanish specialties. You can get single sandwiches which are only $1.50 or you can get platters which were some of my favorites. They all come with chips which is great because who doesn’t want chips with their sandwich. We also tried the cheese fries with Serrano bites. Ugh I want them right now. They were amazing, the fries, the cheese, the Serrano bites…everything. Did I mention 10$ sangria pitchers? That’s cause enough to make a pit stop here.

I can’t wait to do it again!

Kate S. New York, NY


This place is awesome.

My friends took me here after raving about how much they loved this place. They both studied abroad in Spain and told me that 100 Montaditos was everywhere. They missed it so much, that when they finally came to visit me in NYC, we (of course) had to go.

In a nut shell, this place serves tasty small portioned food/drink at a cheap cost. You can order to-go or dine in. They have a cute back room for seating and even a patio out back in the summer time. Small sandwiches all cost $1.50-$3 each, with options of chorizo, chicken, ham, brie, basically everything you can think of. They even have small sandwich desserts that make for a perfect sweet bite. Their drinks are really cheap too, ranging between $3-5.

I recommend the Tinto drink (which is wine and lime soda). It’s absolutely delicious. If you’re with a group of friends, try sharing a cheese and meat platter. It’s amazing.

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